Robin Evans

Venna's Planet Book Three: Peril in Prime City

In this final book of the first set of her adventures on the planet that has been named Promise, Venna continues in her efforts to find the place called Prime City in the hope of locating and rescuing her friend, Shelly, whose part in the story comes to the fore at last.

Skullduggery, passion, murder, comedy, redemption, romance, evil science, interplanetary conflict… all these things are here, to varying degrees, but in no special order. Venna continues to be obsessively pursued by The Countess, who is, in turn, being pursued by the authorities; but everything points to a terrible fate for our heroine, unless her friends can rescue her in time… or she can rescue herself.

Peril in Prime City is, like the first two books, about some fairly ordinary people dumped down in an extraordinary world. Venna has no super-powers (although sometimes she thinks she may have), she just uses her natural bravery and such strength as she has to cope with the ordeals she finds herself facing. This set of adventures sees her suffering some very unpleasant and frightening experiences, but she keeps her cool and, as usual, bounces back, ready for the next challenge.

With a few possible exceptions among the characters, Venna is loved by everyone, and this may be what gives her the strength to keep going when things get very, very bad.

Inspired by pre-war film serials, classic newspaper comic strips and pulp magazine cover art, this excellent graphic novel from respected artist Robin Evans is a must-have addition to the bookshelf of any classic sci-fi fan.
88 printed pages
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