Robin Evans

Venna's Planet Book One: Broken Promise

Venna's Planet is the story of a beautiful woman who tired of shooting aliens, yearns to settle on the new world over which futile war is being fought. However, her decision to join the planetary teams upsets her superior officer, sometimes known as The Countess, who is obsessed with her one-time protégé, and orders her to be abducted, an operation so badly undertaken that its consequences reverberate throughout the entire story.

Our heroine is captured and subjected to a process intended to rob her of her very humanity, and within a short space of time, everything she thought she knew is turned inside-out and upside-down.

Venna finds herself lost on Promise — the name given to the new planet — and, with a group of new friends, is pursued by menaces from all quarters. Compounding these threats, the otherwise Utopian world is home to terrifying monsters of unfriendly disposition… and at least one tribe of murderous indigenous inhabitants who are very unhappy about the invaders from Earth.
Nobody knows the whole truth about Promise,or what plans are being laid by the colonists. Venna knows only that terrible danger hides in its beauty, and that its secrets will not be learned easily.

Broken Promise is the first part of the story of Venna's Planet, which takes for its inspiration, pre-war movie serials, classic newspaper strips and vintage science fiction pulp cover art. Glamour is favoured over realism of any kind, and Venna spends much of the story in minimal dresses and bikinis; however, this is usually outside her control, and one should not consider her to be in any way immodest. She suffers many tribulations, but always comes up smiling, and ready for whatever else comes her way.
Venna is beautiful throughout, and refuses to be embittered by the dreadful things that happen to her on this troubled planet. Her planet. Venna's Planet.
76 printed pages
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