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Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Flappers and Philosophers

  • ssharifhas quoted6 years ago
    brought up on memories instead of money.
  • birdinbluehas quoted11 years ago
    life is just a progression toward, and then a recession from, one phrase—'I love you.'"
  • birdinbluehas quoted11 years ago
    "Go on," she urged. "Lie to me by the moonlight. Do a fabulous story."
  • jkskippygirlhas quoted9 years ago
    My courage is faith—faith in the eternal resilience of me—that joy'll come back, and hope and spontaneity. And I feel that till it does I've got to keep my lips shut and my chin high, and my eyes wide
  • jkskippygirlhas quoted9 years ago
    "You see," said Carlyle softly, "this is the beauty I want. Beauty has got to be astonishing, astounding—it's got to burst in on you like a dream, like the exquisite eyes of a girl."
  • Itzél Ricohas quoted10 years ago
    She was about nineteen, slender and supple, with a spoiled alluring mouth and quick gray eyes full of a radiant curiosity.
  • birdinbluehas quoted11 years ago
    and the female hell is deadlier than the male."
  • birdinbluehas quoted11 years ago
    Oh, don't apologize! I can't stand men who say 'I'm sorry' in that manly, reserved tone. Just shut up!"
  • birdinbluehas quoted11 years ago
    I distrust people who can be intense at this hour in the morning. It's a mild form of insanity—a sort of breakfast-food jag. Morning's the time to sleep, swim, and be careless."
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