Gerry T. Warner,Joe Wilson Schaefer

Online Marketing: 2 Books in 1

Do you want to achieve your Online Marketing goals and profit margins this year?
Would you like to know proven marketing methods built strategically to boost today's online business? If yes, read on…

In Online Marketing: 2 Books in 1: Social Media Marketing + Content Marketing to Learn Step-by-Step the Best Online Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business, you will discover:

— How to harness the power of the internet and Social Media to bring in a substantial income stream

— What Social Media Marketing is and how it works to boost your business

— How to begin your path on becoming a marketing guru on Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

— Effective Social Media Strategies to apply for each of the most popular Social Media platforms being used today by your target market

— The various Social Media Marketing tools you can implement now to help you gain profits

— Eight proven ways on how to effectively monetize the content that you use when promoting your products and services

— How to dramatically shift your thinking into the right Content Marketing mindset in properly leveraging its advantages to get ahead in your business

— A comprehensive list of more than 40 website links and video resources to get you started right way with Content Marketing

— Six reasons why Content Marketing is critical to your business or company’s success

— A step-by-step plan on how to connect your target niche with your Content Marketing for business success

— How to effectively learn about your target audience for better Content Marketing

— Nine strategic places to place your content online for your target audience to easily access

— A comprehensive Content Marketing Plan for Successful Campaigns outlined in easy steps and complete detail

— Seven critical mistakes to avoid in Content Marketing in order to save you time, money and online resources

— Eight Secret Strategies on What Makes Great Content which leads to profit

…and much, much more!

Added BONUS:
— Includes 2 Bonus Chapters: “How to Use Facebook Ads to grow your business” and «Integrating Content Marketing with Social Media Marketing”
With easy-to-follow techniques and step-by-step details on each chapter to help you get results — even if you have basic knowledge of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing or Online Marketing or have never sold a product or service before using these marketing methods, you will find strategies in this book bundle that are both simple and practical to do to help your business or company reach that next level to achieve marketing success and increased profits.
So if you want to promote your products and services using this effective Online Marketing approach that leverages both social media and content and aims to boost your business this year, click on the “Buy Now” button to get started.
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