Ketan Agnihotri,Varun Kumar

Serverless Computing Using Azure Functions

Serverless is the current ongoing trend in the cloud industry that allows you to focus on code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and helps in cost optimizations by providing pay for what you use. This book provides a practical mentoring with a step-by-step guide on how to create and work on Azure functions. You will be benefited with various use cases, illustrations, and visual representation to address complex problems around serverless computing.

The book will help you to integrate Azure functions with other Azure services, seamlessly, without the need of writing much code. The book brings exclusive coverage on managing the deployment and security of the Azure functions. You will learn how to use different methods to monitor the Azure functions and how to perform correct diagnostics and troubleshooting without the use of any third-party integrations.

Towards the end of this book, you also learn to create rich dashboards and visualizations using Power BI to monitor and run analytics on Azure functions.
456 printed pages
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BPB Publications
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