Nanddeep Nachan

Mastering Sharepoint Framework: Master the SharePoint Framework Development with Easy-to-Follow Examples

SharePoint is continuously evolving, and it has offered the SharePoint Framework as a new development model to extend the modern SharePoint user interface. The development paradigm has shifted from the server-side to the client-side development involving various open source tooling and modern toolchain. As a result, relevant technical expertise and analytical skills are required to do such tasks. This book aims to equip you with enough knowledge of the SharePoint Framework in conjunction with skills to use powerful tools such as Node.js, npm, Yeoman, Gulp, TypeScript, and so on to succeed in the role of a SharePoint developer.

The book starts with a brief introduction to the SharePoint evolution across versions and the rise of the SharePoint Framework and the opportunities you may come across along with an overview of the key topics covered in the book. You will learn how to set up the SharePoint Framework. Before diving into several supervised, unsupervised and other practical use cases of the SharePoint Framework, you will learn how to develop SharePoint Framework solutions using React JS, Angular JS, Knockout JS, and PnP JS and utilize third-party npm packages. You will learn various methodologies to deploy the SharePoint Framework solutions, implement best practices, upgrade techniques, build custom components, and continuous integration and delivery pipelines for SharePoint Framework solutions with Azure DevOps.
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