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A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Chances are, you’ve witnessed the change of tide that took place within the professional blogging arena. All you really had to do was slap up a bit of content, implement a series of relevant ads, tag your posts and articles with keywords and sit back as the traffic (and profits) rolled in. Then the search engines made a series of changes, resulting in the loss of quality and relevancy given to websites that failed to present quality, original content. And blogging changed yet again. Get more info you need here.

What's Inside:

* The Bloggers’ Revenge

* Optimization is Key

* Simplifying the Buyers Shopping Experience

* Categorizing Products & Sub Markets

* Build Passion Sites

* Inject Interactive Elements

* Building a Sticky Website

* Traffic Funnels

* Create a keyword swipe file

* Maximizing Sales
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