Alexandra Södergran,Reiner Larsen Wiese,Cecilie Rosdahl,Lea Lind,Sarah Skov,Olrik,Julie Jones,Lisa Vild,Sandra Norrbin,Nicolas Lemarin,Malva B.

Tie Me Up: Erotic Short Stories About Secret Kinks

“With his free hand, he loosened the noose around his neck and managed to wriggle the tie over his head. Seconds later the smooth silk loop was wrapped around my wrists and pulled tight. Tighter than handcuffs.” — Tie Me Up
‘Tie Me Up: Erotic Short Stories About Secret Kinks’ is a collection of erotica from LUST authors that delve into your deepest, kinkiest desires. From bondage and domination to taboo public pleasure and letting loose your voyeuristic side, the stories in this collection bring those secret kinks to the surface.
This collection includes the stories: ‘The Nymph and the Fauns’, ‘At My Master's Mercy’, ‘Voyeur’, ‘The Urge’, ‘Desire 12: Roleplay’, ‘Alice's Awakening’, ‘Sex Tape’, ‘All About Hands’, ‘Tie Me Up’, ‘Camgirl’, ‘My Roommate's Toy’, ‘The Invite’, ‘Peep Show’, ‘The Medical Interns’, and ‘Hotel California’.
LUST is a publishing house that publishes a collection of sexy and imaginative erotica. They’re on a mission to publish erotic literature that will appeal to every different kind of person, by representing different types of lust and desire to allow ourselves to understand that it’s okay to think about your sexuality, sex, and what turns you on.
This compilation includes erotic short stories written by the following LUST authors: Lisa Vild, Olrik, Sarah Skov, Reiner Larsen Wiese, Lea Lind, Sandra Norrbin, Julie Jones, Alexandra Södergran, Nicolas Lemarin, Malva B., and Cecilie Rosdahl.
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