Stephen Fleming

Kubernetes Handbook

What “Kubernetes” does and how?

After working in the technology and consulting ecosystem for the last 10 years, I am a huge supporter of simplification. While I understood the whole concept of Containerization and automating the deployment, I wanted to explain the bunch of newly recruited Technology Consultants in our team that how actually it’s used and deployed.

So, the logical topics to be explained with examples were:

The Background of it? Why we needed this system in the first place?

How Kubernetes Operates? The Nuts and Bolts of the system.

How it is deployed?

Best Practices

If these things are clear with examples then we can operate with confidence and manage the project well.

So, here it is. All our discussions are formulated in a book to help you, people, to take your respective agenda ahead in your current role with conviction. The book has been written in a simple, easy to comprehend language and can be used by Non-Programmers, Project Managers, Business Consultants or any other persons with an interest in Kubernetes.

So, move ahead with your Continuous Development journey with this new book and as I mentioned earlier: let’s simplify the discussions around!
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