George Johnson

The Med Spa Organic Blueprint

This book provides a comprehensive guide for med spas on leveraging organic digital marketing strategies, specifically focused on local SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization), to drive sustainable growth. It explores the unique marketing landscape for the med spa industry and offers an in-depth, tailored approach for standing out online, attracting more patients, and converting website traffic into loyal customers.

The book covers foundational topics like optimizing Google Business Profiles and website design, before diving into advanced local SEO techniques, email marketing tactics, integrating SEO and CRO, and planning for the future evolution of med spa digital marketing. It recognizes the importance of an authentic, trust-building approach to marketing wellness services and provides actionable strategies for med spas to build an organic, community-centered presence online. With a blend of technical expertise and human-centric strategies, this blueprint offers transformative solutions for med spa patient acquisition and retention.
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