Sandy Brown

Porn Addict’s Wife

Are you feeling shocked, betrayed, devastated, and downright angry after discovering your husband is addicted to pornography? Are you wondering: how could he do this to me or, why aren’t I enough for him? Do you wonder if your marriage is over? Are you feeling lost and alone? Life and relationship coach Sandy Brown has been there. Her own experience in surviving the betrayal of her husband’s porn addiction has inspired her to focus her practice on helping other women to do the same. Through her own recovery and her experience with clients, Sandy has developed a process of recovery to empower women at a time when they feel all is lost. Porn Addict's Wife shows readers that they are not alone in feeling shattered by their husband’s sexual addiction, and teaches them how and with whom they can safely share their story. By providing resources for readers to get real help for both themselves and their spouse, it provides guidance to healing and rebuilding a normal life.
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