Atul Sharma,Nitesh Garg

Enterprise Solution Architecture – Strategy Guide

Enterprise Solution Architecture — Strategy Guide takes you through all the essential concepts, strategies, workflows, documentation, and process maps that guide you in designing solutions that meet your existing enterprise architecture.

Anyone who thinks about designing a strategy, defining and implementing a project, or transforming the project from poor execution to new techniques are the most opportunistic readers of this book.
It will streamline what needs to be prepared in terms of documentation. You will learn to develop documentation for different stages, various project phases, and how to use them effectively.

This book will enable anyone looking to switch into the architecture forum by grabbing all the deep concepts and laying out strategies. They will be aided by all the visual implants in the book. In addition, you will also get the opportunity to dive deeper into concepts by running yourself through premium projects such as IT Transformation and Migrations.

Furthermore, this book highlights all the industry-specific processes which are required to be followed during any solution architecture-based project.
331 printed pages
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