Maxim Gorky


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    None of them, it seemed, had either the time or the desire to attempt to change this state of life.
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    keep thinking, and thinking where my place in the world is. There is no place for me! The people require to be spoken to, and I cannot. I see everything; I feel all the people's wrongs; but I cannot express myself: I have a dumb soul."
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    "When I lie in bed at night or am out walking alone—everywhere I hear this sound, and my heart rejoices. And the earth, too—I know it—weary of injustice and sorrow, rings out like a bell, responding to the call, and trembles benignly, greeting the new sun arising in the breast of Man."
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    She did not understand what they had been talking about, but she felt that a new misfortune was in store for her, a great and sad misfortune.
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    "There'll be more than one butchery of us up to that time, that I know!"
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    "I know that to argue with a man at a time when all the wounds of his heart are bleeding, is only to insult him. I know it, brother."
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    "I think that some people ought to be killed off!"

    "Oho! And pray what for?" asked the Little Russian calmly.

    "So they cease to be."

    "Ahem! And have you the right to make corpses out of living people?"

    "Yes, I have."

    "Where did you get it from?"

    "The people themselves gave it to me."
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    "They'll soon put all the decent people in prison. They can't endure them, they loathe them!"
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    "Yes, yes. They are so gentle, always smiling. If they should be told: 'Look here, this man is honest and wise, he is dangerous to us; hang him!' they would still smile and hang him, and keep on smiling."
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    "Yes, it hurts, but you must—you must distrust man; you must fear him, and even hate him! Man is divided, he is cut in two by life. You'd like only to love him; but how is it possible? How can you forgive a man if he goes against you like a wild beast, does not recognize that there is a living soul in you, and kicks your face—a human face! You must not forgive. It's not for yourself that you mustn't. I'd stand all the insults as far as I myself am concerned; but I don't want to show indulgence for insults. I don't want to let them learn on my back how to beat others!"
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