Rick Nuske

Welcome To The Show 1.0

Welcome To The Show 1.0 is the complete podcasting system for your business.

Inside this easy-to-follow three-step system, you will find a complete step by step process that helps you find, attract, engage, and convert your ideal prospects.

This book is a clear road map you need to successfully implement conversion-focused podcasting into your business, and is the consolidation of more than a decade working in the podcast industry serving customers, clients and patients from all walks of life and backgrounds.

If you are looking for a book contains everything you need to stay on track so you get your podcast up and running quickly, Welcome To The Show 1.0 is for you.

By the end of the book, not only will you have an evergreen resource that you can refer back to when you need to, but also, you'll know everything there is to know about this content-driven, outcome focused system specifically designed to help you build a better, more profitable business.
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