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Lori Culwell

Funny You Should Ask

Learn the secrets of search engine optimization from an insider SEO specialist in this practical, engaging guide. Walk through the exact steps to get your website ranking to the top of Google, driving hordes of targeted traffic to your site or online business.

In this latest book in the “Funny You Should Ask” series, Culwell boils down her two decades of corporate SEO experience into an accessible, enjoyable read. With humor and plenty of real-world examples, she makes SEO concepts simple to grasp for beginners while sharing the latest advanced tactics for ranking pros.

In this book, you'll learn how to research high-value keywords, optimize on-page elements for search spiders, generate authority backlinks, track website progress, and more. From conducting a competitive analysis to leveraging AI tools to avoiding tricks that might anger Google, this guide details every aspect of ethical, sustainable search optimization. The author's proven organic strategy lifted a major healthcare website to #1 in its industry for 17,000+ keywords.

Now she levels the playing field, empowering individuals and small companies to get big results by optimizing for the world's largest search engine. If you are ready to send targeted traffic to your online destination and watch your rankings and revenue grow, this is the complete SEO education you need to make it happen.
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