Abhilasha Sinha,Alok Ranjan,Ranjit Battwad

JavaScript for Modern Web Development: Building a Web Application Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

This book will take you on a complete journey of learning web development, starting right with the basics. The book begins with the history of web development and JavaScript, how it has evolved over these years, and how it still keeps growing with new features. Next, you will learn the basic pillars of web development — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will learn about the functional, object-oriented programming and asynchronous behaviour, and how JavaScript provides for these. Empowered with the basics, you will proceed to learn the new features of JavaScript, ES2015, and the latest ES2019. Next, you will apply your learning to build a real application to see how the Web takes shape.At the end, you will also have an introductory section on ReactJS, one of the modern frameworks for UI development and also develop a simple weather application using React. You will be introduced to Redux as the state container for React applications. This book will conclude with an introductory look at additional topics which can be taken up to become a professional and in building enterprise level applications.
478 printed pages
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  • DDaudalagidhas quotedlast year
    It matches only those elements matched by the second selector that are the children of elements matched by the first
    It is stricter than a descendent selector where the element2 can be the child of element1 at any level of DOM.
  • DDaudalagidhas quotedlast year
    The browser attaches the style to the associated DOM nodes and finally displays the contents of the DOM.
  • DDaudalagidhas quotedlast year
    It is considered a good programming practice to add enough comments so anyone can understand your code just by looking at it with the supporting comments.

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