Alexandra Södergran,Anita Bang,Andrea Hansen,Sarah Skov,Beatrice Nielsen,Nicolas Lemarin,Nicole Löv,Malva B.

P is for Pussy worship – 10 Erotic Short Stories

“I spread my legs and sink down over her face so she can lick me. She continues sucking and fingering me until I cum so hard my legs shake.” — Lesbian Dreams
Part of the erotic alphabet series, ‘P is for Pussy Worship — 10 Erotic Short Stories’ is a collection of erotica that celebrates everything that the vulva and vagina have to offer. The lady garden is your Garden of Paradise in these steamy and sexy stories that slip fingers between a woman’s thighs with orgasms, lesbian desires, and mind-blowing oral.
The sixteenth in this alphabet series, ‘P is for Pussy Worship’ features the stories: ‘Being My Own Director’, ‘Sex on Show’, ‘Movie Night’, ‘Lesbian Dreams’, ‘Brunch and Orgasms’, ‘Desire 4: Pavilion of Desire’, ‘Desire 7: Red Roses’, ‘The Power Couple’, ‘Stay with Me’, and ‘Pool Boy’.

LUST is a publishing house that publishes a collection of sexy and imaginative erotica. They’re on a mission to publish erotic literature that will appeal to every different kind of person, by representing different types of lust and desire to allow ourselves to understand that it’s okay to think about your sexuality, sex, and what turns you on.
This compilation includes erotic short stories written by the following LUST authors: Sarah Skov, Beatrice Nielsen, Andrea Hansen, Anita Bang, Alexandra Södergran, Nicolas Lemarin, Malva B., and Nicole Löv.
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