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Building Websites with Django: Build and Deploy Professional Websites with Python Programming and the Django Framework (English Edition)

‘Building Websites with Django’ book teaches readers to develop their high-quality, feature-rich website by learning Django and its various tools. You will learn the best techniques to develop a dynamic website, right from scratch. This book focuses not only on just creating a particular application but rather develops a strong understanding of theoretical concepts with rich examples. You will learn to troubleshoot errors, develop navigation panels and add advanced functionalities like deploying on heroku server. You will read about models, templates, different types of views. You will learn to create apps and learn how to integrate different apps.

By the end of this book, You will create a project from scratch and will deploy it as a public website by yourself.
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  • DDaudalagidhas quotedlast year
    The first is to start with Models (database layer) followed by creating views. Once the views are ready, then you can write your mapping to the views. Finally, templates should be designed as per the urlspattens in and views in This approach can be referred to as backend focused.
  • DDaudalagidhas quotedlast year
    In Django, if there is a ForeignKey element, then the related element will also be deleted unless on_delete = CASCADE is changed in the model definition.
  • DDaudalagidhas quotedlast year
    bool(): This is used to check whether the QuerySet has any result.
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