Priyanka Tomar,Sanjay Gautam

Cybercrime and Preventive Measures

The book ‘Cybercrime and Preventive Measures' provides a strong and precise introduction to the world of cybercrime and the need of cyber awareness for everyone. It begins with email-related popular cyber crimes such as phishing, spamming, spoofing, email bombing, etc. It talks about the methodologies adopted by cyber criminals to trap people along with some real-case studies (names of victims changed) and preventive measures to be taken to safeguard against email-related cyber crime.

This book exposes you to a variety of financial frauds committed by cyber criminals and the modus of operandi they adopt while committing cyber crimes along with numerous case studies. The book keeps you informed about what preventive and safety measures can be exercised so that you can protect yourself, your family, and even your workplace.

This book also assists young teenagers and school students about the methods adopted by hackers and how to remain safe while using social media applications and Internet shopping sites. This book talks about the risks involved and preventive measures that need to be taken while using mobile apps.
67 printed pages
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