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Alex Quick

102 Free Things to Do

Everyone knows that the best things in life are free . . but it's easy to forget in a world of constant advertising and competitive consumerism. 102 Free Things to Do is a warm, wise and witty reminder that almost everything that really matters can be done on less than a shoestring.

Beautifully illustrated, always entertaining and full of surprising nuggets of advice and information, this is one of those rare books that might just change your life. Or at least make you feel a bit more like getting out of bed in the morning.
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  • gvozdyovadianashared an impression7 years ago
    👎Give This a Miss

    Ничего нового. Многие вещи не for free. Достаточно прочитать начального списка.

  • b3456476951shared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    So so

  • Erhan İpekçilershared an impression5 years ago

    I left the book on 25%. It is so boring.


  • Mc Melihas quoted7 months ago
    A letter to your future self is a good way to take stock, to focus on what is really important, and to take courage in your journey through life
  • Mc Melihas quoted7 months ago
    Dear Future Self,

    I sit here today obscurely troubled. I have problems at work, the children are a constant source of worry, I am fat and unfit, and I am getting older by the minute.

    Can’t you at least try, for my sake, to make the effort to change? Will you always be dominated by nagging worries, will you always be dissatisfied, prone to mood swings, unhappy with your appearance, your relationship’s and your career?

    Come on, get your finger out. I’m relying on you. Don’t let me down.

    Yours sincerely,

    Your Past Self
  • Mc Melihas quoted7 months ago
    We compound our ignorance and lack of appreciation with an active hostility to our own bodies. We abuse our bodies because it is easy

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