Stephen Fleming

Accelerated DevOps with AI, ML & RPA

What comes to your mind after reading the below statements from a renowned industry research firm?

It is predicted that a large enterprise exclusive use of AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools to monitor applications and infrastructure will rise from 5% in 2018 to 30% in 2023.

Also, Only 47% of machine learning models are making it into production (Comes MLOPS!)

Do you have similar thoughts?

Is it just a new Buzzword or repackaging of the existing system? If it’s for real, how is it going to impact the Business/Industry?

How my business or job would get impacted?

If it has just started, how can I leverage from wherever I am?

Which are the major players/startups in this area?

Depending on your role, it may be useful for you to know about AIOPS & MLOPS:

If you are a Business Consultant trying to make the system more efficient and profitable, reaping the benefits of Automation in your application development process

If you are a Technology Consultant and want to make your operation more Agile, Automated and easily deployable

If you are a Technology Professional looking for a role in these upcoming areas to be an early adopter in your organization or just starting your career and want to understand the ecosystem

If you are from HR or Training field and want to understand the job/Training requirements for these upcoming roles

 Beyond the apparent hustle and bustle of buzzwords and nomenclature every year, I genuinely believe that AI would drastically change the software development and deployment model in the next two years, and all these new startups would drive this change.

 It’s astonishing how fast this cycle is moving. Especially for us who had seen the world before the internet came into our daily lives!! This book is my attempt to update you on the unfolding story of AIOPS and MLOPS as “story till now. “

 So here is to our Continuous Learning and Progress! Cheers.
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