Cornelia Dean

The New York Times Book of Physics and Astronomy

A century-spanning collection of science reporting by acclaimed and Pulitzer–winning New York Times writers: “A treat . . . highly recommended.” —Library Journal
From the discovery of distant galaxies and black holes to the tiny interstices of the atom, here is the very best on physics and astronomy from the New York Times. The newspaper of record has always prided itself on its award–winning science coverage, and these 125 articles from its archives cover more than a century of breakthroughs, setbacks, and mysteries. Selected by former science editor Cornelia Dean, they feature such esteemed and Pulitzer Prize–winning writers as:Malcolm W. Browne on teleporting, antimatter atoms, and the physics of traffic jamsJames Glanz on string theoryGeorge Johnson on quantum physicsWilliam L. Laurence on Bohr and EinsteinDennis Overbye on the discovery of the Higgs BosonWalter Sullivan on the colliding beam machine, and more
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