Brian Tracy

Create Your Own Future

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Create Your Own Future is a powerful book on self-empowerment that offers a wealth of ideas readers can apply immediately to take complete control of their personal and work lives. Intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more satisfaction from life, the book offers twelve principles for success and real-world action plans that help you reach your goals. Author Brian Tracy is one of the most renowned and successful self-help authors and speakers in the world; Create Your Own Future presents all his accumulated experience in making success happen for others. Now, it can make success happen for you.
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    “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.”
    —Thomas Edison
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    The entire worldwide insurance industry, involving billions of dollars in premiums and trillions of dollars in coverage, is based on actuarial tables, which are simply applications of probability theory.
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    He said that we live in an orderly universe, governed by great unchanging laws. He insisted that there is a reason for everything that happens, whether we know the law or principle behind it


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