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Facebook Groups for Authors

It is imperative to develop a marketing system that works but not expensive to run with good return on investment. One of such methods is the use of social media, in this case Facebook. I am not talking of paid Facebook Ad or paying Facebook group Admins to pin your post for a short period of time. This system involves joining “Book Promotion and Author” groups on Facebook and then strategically self-promoting your books through them. There are no limitations on how you take advantage of these groups because they were all created for book marketing.

To make finding the most important of these groups which have high traffic easy for authors, I created a list of them which are all hyperlinked so that you can click through directly to join as many as you want.

what You Will Learn:
*Easily click through and Join over 60 highly trafficked Facebook groups for book promotion.
*How to Get the Best Results using these Book Promotion Groups.
*Find Facebook Author Support Groups.
*How to find and Join Target Audience Facebook Groups that are not dedicated to author self-promotion but allows it anyway.
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