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Computer Science On Your Mobile

Student budget eBooks provide a handy portable reference and calculations guide.

The low price of this title does not allow us to include the interactive content of our other enhanced eBooks where you can input values and update the images to reflect those changes.

First published in 1992 used by students in schools & colleges worldwide and continually updated.

Topic groups are selected from an extensive Table of Contents.

Technical descriptions are written in note form for mobile devices, thereby avoiding large amounts of text and wherever possible images include additional notes highlighting relevant points.

All diagrams were drawn in program code which ensures the size and scale displayed reflects the actual default values for that topic i.e. angles and lengths.

Values shown in calculations are produced by running the calculations in code from the default values before capture and therefore based on real inputs.

Colourful visual presentation assists the learning process as you are more likely remember, thereby increasing personal confidence as familiar diagrams are recalled.

Knowing the content is on your mobile device will also encourage you to dip-in in a spare moment more than open a traditional textbook.
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  • b7353806203has quoted5 years ago
    COMPUTER HARDWARE: Character Codes.

    Computer character codes are usually based on the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). Originally this was a seven-bit code, but now provides an extended character set of 255 characters using eight bits.

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