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Fumitake Koga,Ichiro Kishimi

The Courage to be Happy: True contentment is within your power—the new Japanese phenomenon from the authors of the global bestseller, The Courage to be Disliked

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The sequel to the global bestseller The Courage To Be Disliked, the Japanese phenomenon in applying twentieth-century psychology to contemporary dilemmas continues with life-changing advice on finding happiness.
In The Courage To Be Happy, Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga again distil their wisdom into simple yet profound advice to show us how we, too, can use twentieth-century psychological theory to find true happiness.
The ideas proffered here will certainly make you think twice about the real cause of the emotional drama in your life. A thought-provoking read. — Mail on Sunday.
A real game-changer — Marie Claire.
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  • reiyah2309has quoted3 years ago
    PHILOSOPHER: Love is all. The person who lives wanting an easy life or looking for the easy way may find fleeting pleasures, but they will not be able to grasp real happiness. It is only by loving another person that we are liberated from self-centredness. It is only by loving another person that we can achieve self-reliance. And it is only by loving another person that we arrive at community feeling.
  • reiyah2309has quoted3 years ago
    PHILOSOPHER: That the world is simple, and life is too. But also, that ‘Keeping it simple is difficult.’
  • reiyah2309has quoted3 years ago
    Self-reliance is ‘breaking away from self-centredness’.

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