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Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

Configuration of Apache Server To Support ASP

The paper aim is to configure Apache Server to support ASP. Two methods were tested. The first, by installing Bundle::Apache::ASP, and the second, by installing SUN ONE ASP Server. Two possible options for connecting to a Microsoft Access database with Sun ONE ASP for UNIX or Linux, using the using SequeLink, and using the Sun ONE ASP Database Publisher tool to migrate an Access database to MySQL, were studied. The paper is composed from the following parts,
1. Setting up working environment when working with CodeCharge Studio program, software for building web applications.
2. Connecting to databases in ASP.
3. ASP program example.
4. Configuring apache server to support ASP by installing Bundle::Apacahe::ASP.
5. Configuring apache server to support ASP by installing Sun ONE ASP.
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