Robert Dilts,Todd Epstein

Dynamic Learning

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Dynamic Learning is about a revolutionary new approach to learning and teaching. In this book, Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein present leading edge methods and techniques that improve the ability to learn in a variety of areas. Dilts and Epstein, co-authors of Tools for Dreamers, offer stimulating exercises and step-by-step procedures that help you to make better use of the most valuable resource you have—your brain. The authors describe a multitude of ways to make learning fun, easy and effective. These exercises and strategies were drawn from their experiences of working with individuals, conducting public seminars, and consulting and training in the public school system.
Dynamic Learning applies the process of learning through experience. The techniques and exercises of Dynamic Learning involve learning by doing and by exploring different strategies of thinking. In essence, Dynamic Learning is about learning how to learn. Dynamic Learning methods can be used by children or adults and have been especially effective for people who have experienced difficulties in learning.
This book provides effective strategies and methods to:
• Remember people’s names
• Strengthen your senses and mental capabilities to improve in every type of learning.
• Improve your memory
• Read faster and with better comprehension
• Spell more easily and accurately
• Learn foreign languages more quickly
• Write more creatively and fluently
Dynamic Learning provides a wealth of information and activities that can be used by anyone who wants to improve his or her abilities to learn. Discover the methods that transformed an entire school district and have changed the lives of many people who thought they were ‘slow’, ‘stupid’ or incapable of learning.
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