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Helena Angel

Life for Yourself: Self Esteem

“Positive self-esteem is the centerpiece of a healthy personality. This book offers us a valuable storehouse of tactics and strategies for constructing—or renovating—the foundation of our self-esteem.” Martin Luther King

The desire of recognition and fear of rejection are crafty things. For all my life, I was gathering familiar people, like I was afraid of the upcoming winter and putting on blankets one by one. And at some point, I felt that I could scarcely breathe. They were choking me; I couldn’t move, I felt lazy and sleepy. How could I take them off – they were so warm and pleasant. But a rational egoist isn’t afraid of being socially naked; he never hides from life behind many half-friends and nursing relatives. When asked the question ‘How many friends do you have on Twitter?’, he quietly answers, ’two.' Become the best friend to yourself, be interesting, needed, inspiring to yourself. After all, in fact, we are all alone. But worst of all is the situation, in which you don’t even have yourself.

Everything was simple – lack of control and the need to know how it all happens – I’m letting go all my expectations for I am sure that the things will be the best. I started feeling the life flow, its fluidity, and changeableness, and to reply to life offers without delay.

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