Will McGrath

Everything Lost Is Found Again

Funny and heartfelt, this amalgamation of memoir and essay collection tells the story of twenty months the author spent in Lesotho, the small, landlocked kingdom surrounded by South Africa. There he finds a spirit of joyful absurdity and resolve, surrounded by people who take strangers’ hands as they walk down the road, people who—with sweetest face—drop the dirtiest jokes in the southern hemisphere. But Lesotho is also a place where shepherds exact Old Testament retribution, where wounded pride incites murder and families are devastated by the AIDS epidemic.
Driven by a spirit of openhearted cultural exchange in the style of Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country and Alexandra Fuller’s Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, Will McGrath’s Everything Lost Is Found Again is a love-drunk ballad to Lesotho, infusing humor and heart into pop ethnography.
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    But that lavish sunset is lighting the world on fire, so we scramble on undaunted, hoping to leave our incomprehensible tracks for whatever beasts come after. We’ll leave them hypothesizing about our glorious unimaginable plumage, guessing all our colors wrong.
    Мария Голубеваiqtibos keltirayapti4 kun oldin
    I ask him, thinking about ‘M’e Khauhelo and her willow switch—prized for its thin, elegant form, its superior firmness, its tightness of recoil—which she slices down across the open palms of small girls who have violated the dress code
    Мария Голубеваiqtibos keltirayapti4 kun oldin
    A darkness crept over the surface of the mountain, engulfing shrub and gulley, plunging shepherd and flock into gloom and swallowing our hut. Deliberate and sentient and enormous.


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