Alicia Luz

Sex Please, Doctor! – Erotic short story

«Spicy, that’s the best word to describe the turn my life has taken. I’m struggling to concentrate. My body is burning from a seemingly inexhaustible fire.»
The second year in nursing school, Charlene can’t imagine what turn her life is about to take, a turn more erotic than romantic! She, usually very shy, will become tempted by a medical student evening mixer, an event with a reputation for being disinhibiting, almost an orgy. Wearing black stockings and high heels, here she is ready to open herself up to pleasure!

Alicia Luz is a French romance writer and hypnotherapist. In her early thirties, in search of new and unprecedented sensations, she launched a career in erotica. She enjoys arranging words in such a way that makes the reader dream and fantasize. She also likes putting together shapes and colours to better enthral the reader. Find her on Instagram @alicia.luz.auteure
17 printed pages
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– Lust
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  • Алла Богданhas quoted4 years ago
    Money, you have to admit, makes a person sexier!

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