Camille Bech

Home Alone – Erotic Short Story

“She was lying on one of the large beach chairs wearing a top and a short skirt. Her long hair was in a ponytail, and he could tell that she felt warm. He tried reading the newspaper, but he was very aware of her closeness, he felt unable to relax entirely. He glanced at her from behind the sunglasses, and when she bent one of her legs, he was surprised to notice that she was not wearing any knickers.”
Mark was a powerful attorney, and right in the middle of a very important case, when his wife decided to take a vacation in their summer home. Staying behind to prepare for the upcoming trial, Mark expected to have the house all to himself. But when their maid decides to leave a little late, things become a bit…distracting.

Camille Bech is a Danish author of erotica and erotic romance stories. Her world is filled with passion and forbidden desires.
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