The Red and the Black

  • Liamhas quoted3 years ago
    voice swayed by ever increasing emotion.
  • Gulsum Sarsengalievahas quoted4 years ago
    Put thousands together Less bad, But the cage less gay.
  • Diana Puihas quoted4 years ago
    'But, Lord!' she added, almost in tears, 'is he not a perfect man? He is the masterpiece of the education of the age; one cannot look at him without his thinking of something pleasant, and even clever, to say to one; he is brave … But that Sorel is a strange fellow,'
  • Diana Puihas quoted4 years ago
    And I received promotion, not on my own merits, but because my master had the gout.

  • Valery ZHANGhas quoted4 years ago
    The truth, the harsh truth
  • Ратмир Кудайбергеновhas quoted4 years ago
    And, albeit this site was a great deal more advantageous for his trade in planks of firwood, Pere Sorel, as they have begun to call him now that he is rich, contrived to screw out of the impatience and landowning mania which animated his neighbour a sum of 6,000 francs.
  • Ратмир Кудайбергеновhas quoted4 years ago
    hundred yards lower down by the bank of the Doubs.
  • Dariahas quoted5 years ago
    But what God? Not the God of the Bible, a petty despot, cruel and filled with a thirst for vengeance … but the God of Voltaire, just, good, infinite … '
  • Dariahas quoted5 years ago
    Where is Truth? In religion … Yes,' he added with a bitter smile of the most intense scorn, 'in the mouths of the Maslons, the Frilairs, the Castanedes … Perhaps in true Christianity, whose priests would be no more paid than were the Apostles?
  • Dariahas quoted5 years ago
    I have committed a murderous assault, and I am rightly condemned, but, short of murder only, the Valenod who condemned me is a hundred times more injurious to society.
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