Catana Chetwynd

In Love & Pajamas

When you've reached that sweatpants-wearing cozy place in your relationship, it's all In Love & Pajamas! This brand-new collection of Catana Comics presents 50 percent never-before-seen comics and some fan favorites that delight and amuse readers of all ages. Wholesome, sweet, feel-good humor, a perfect gift for your other half and a welcome add-on to any wedding, anniversary, or Valentine's Day gift.
126 printed pages
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  • M_kishahas quoted3 years ago
    Being yourself with your partner—and embracing your partner’s quirks—is such an important part of a relationship and is the very foundation for all the moments. The silly moments, the quiet moments, the broomstick-dancing moments, and everything in between. No matter who you are, being the truest form of yourself and letting your guard down is what makes all these memories what they are.
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