Kamon Ayeva,Ahidjo Ayeva,Aiman Saed

Python In – Depth: Use Python Programming Features, Techniques, and Modules to Solve Everyday Problems

“Python In-Depth” gives you a detailed presentation of the possibilities for solving everyday problems, even complex ones using Python.

You will begin by setting up Python in your system and then learn about the fundamentals of Python so that you have a rock-solid foundation to build upon. You will explore the foundations of Python programming, such as the built-in data types, functions, objects and classes, files, etc.
You will then explore the different programming paradigms such as OOP, Functional, and Concurrent, and find the best approach given a situation. You will also learn how to utilize an interchange format to exchange data and understand how to carry out performance optimization, effective debugging, and security, among other techniques. Towards the end, you will enjoy two chapters dedicated to two domains where Python usage is currently very strong: Data Science and Web Development.
396 printed pages
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