Saillesh Pawar

Learn Microsoft Azure: Step by Step in 7 day for. NET Developers

Book explains Azure services offerings to advance resource creation to see how all the moving parts go together. It walks through various cloud development tools which will speed our development process. Books majorly covers practical information to get you started to a Proficient level and towards cloud mindset
Azure Cloud offers enormous services to solve your problem in this modern world. Microsoft Azure has Web, Mobile, Big Data, IoT, AI + Machine Learning, Storage, Database, and so on. We will be going through some of these available services to solve our business problem in this book.
If you are a. NET developer who wants to learn Microsoft Azure and want to have cloud mindset, this book is for you. Cloud application development requires a Cloud mindset. Cloud mindset is developed by gradually going through all the available services provided by Microsoft Azure and using the best fit solution for your problem.
“If you are C# DEVELOPER who wants to start with Azure, then this book is for you.
288 printed pages
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