Priyanka Tyagi,Sudeshna Chakraborty

E Commerce for Entrepreneurs: Launch your E-commerce startup with strong technology and digital marketing (English Edition)

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) is a new way of carrying out business transactions through electronic means in general and the Internet environment by supporting this industry in particular, has been proving its potential benefits and effective contribution to the socio-economic growth. As an essential part of the “Digital Economy”, E-Commerce plays a key role in opening the door to the 21st century, the new era of the knowledge-based economy.

In this book, you will understand the basic concepts of E-Commerce and E-Business. The Internet has the broadcasting capability and is a mechanism for information dissemination and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals through computers irrespective of geographic locations. The motive of this book is to present an introduction to E-Commerce and E-Banking industry. It will cover the key E-Banking concepts, changing dynamics, implementation approaches, and management issues in the E-Banking industry and Brand building.
187 printed pages
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