Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money--That You Don't Learn in School!, Robert Kiyosaki
Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets About Money--That You Don't Learn in School!

Although we have been successful in our careers, they have not turned out quite as we expected. We both have changed positions several times-for all the right reasons-but there are no pension plans vesting on our behalf. Our retirement funds are growing only through our individual contributions.
Michael and I have a wonderful marriage with three great children. As I write this, two are in college and one is just beginning high school. We have spent a fortune making sure our children have received the best education available.
One day in 1996, one of my children came home disillusioned with school. He was bored and tired of studying. “Why should I put time into studying subjects I will never use in real life?” he protested.
Without thinking, I responded, “Because if you don't get good grades, you won't get into college.” “Regardless of whether I go to college,” he replied, “I'm going to be rich.”
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I cant relly stop reading this book til the end.

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The perfect book especially for teens those who are seeking a good start in their lives.

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Iryna Rudas
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One dad recommended, "Study hard so you can find a good company to work for." The other recommended, "Study hard so you can find a good company to buy."
georgydouglas728iqtibos keltirayapti7 oy oldin
He knows that the world has changed, but education has not changed with it. According to Robert, children spend years in an antiquated educational system, studying subjects they will never use, preparing for a world that no longer exists.
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Give and you shall receive.” Instead, he believed in “Receive and then you give.”


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