Charlan Nemeth


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  • Sofiahas quoted2 years ago
    reason is a desire to belong—or conversely, a fear of being different and of inviting ridicule or punishment.
  • Sofiahas quoted2 years ago
    The majority has the ability to bend reality.
  • Sofiahas quoted2 years ago
    There are certainly benefits to being liked and to belonging, and there are certainly risks associated with dissent. What is often not reported is that belonging has a price—our agreement. Paying this price often leads to unreflective thinking, bad decisions, and reduced creativity, not to mention boredom, vulnerability, and deadened affect. Have you ever wanted to scream when everyone was pandering and praising each other and no one would talk about the elephant in the room? For example, have you wanted to yell, “Are we crazy to hire this guy?” or, “Should we really be making this merger?”

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