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Liang Yuxian Eugene

JavaScript Testing

  • Anna Marinkovićhas quoted3 years ago
    there are no error messages to inform you that an error has occurred. This makes debugging difficult.
  • Dannihas quoted3 years ago
    Pareto testing is what I personally call "real world" testing, and is conducted under strict time and money constraints. This is because Pareto testing only focuses on the most used functions; the most frequently used functions are what matter the most and hence we should focus our time and effort on testing these functions. Alternatively, we may see Pareto testing such that most bugs come from a small handful of functions of our programs; therefore, by spotting these functions, we can test our program much more effectively.
  • Dannihas quoted3 years ago
    The main advantage of black box testing is that the test results are often unaffiliated, because the tester has no knowledge of the code.
  • Dannihas quoted3 years ago
    Black box testing belongs to the "box approach", where a piece of software is regarded as a box and the box contains various functions, methods, classes, and so on. Metaphorically, a "black box" typically means that we cannot see what is inside the box. This means that we implement the test without knowing the internal structure of our program; we take an external perspective of the program, using valid and invalid inputs in order to determine if the output is correct.
  • Dannihas quoted3 years ago
    Acceptance testing is the time where your customer (or the end-user) will perform actual testing (similar to actual usage of the system) on the software that you have created. A typical process will include the creation of test cases by the end users that reflect business use of the software.
  • rootarthas quoted7 years ago
    Liang Yuxian Eugene enjoys solving difficult problems creatively in the form of building web applications by using Python/Django and JavaScript/JQuery. He also enjoys doing research related to the areas of recommendation algorithms, link analysis, data visualization, data mining, information retrieval, business intelligence, and intelligent user interfaces.
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