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Ultimate Guide for Being Anonymous

If there is a section that most hacking books and blog posts currently disregard, it is the ‘stay safe’ section. In other words, they fail to detail the schemes and techniques a typical hacker (or activist) should use to guarantee a certain level of anonymity and safety. You may be the best hacker in the world, but if you cannot control your footprint on the internet and correctly erase your trail, you will simply crash and burn.
There are many books on how to be anonymous online with tips that may work to some extent: disabling JavaScript, installing the Ghostery extension, using TOR, etc. These techniques may be effective against Facebook tracking and Google ads, but will do you no good against an active investigator tracking you down following a nasty hack, or a state sponsored surveillance program targeting activists. There is a mindset to have as well as a series of practical precautions to take when you want to completely disappear off the grid. 
Together, we will set up an anonymous environment that guarantees maximum protection and shields your identity against prying eyes. Of course, there is no such thing as a zero-risk job, but we will try to get as close as possible.
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