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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince

  • Valeriya Tuvakinahas quoted4 years ago
    here are the people?” the Little Prince decided to reopen the conversation. “It’s so lonely in a desert…”
    “It’s very lonely among people as well”, the snake told.
  • b8495726797has quoted4 years ago
    “Then you should judge yourself”, the King told. “It is the most difficult thing. It’s much harder to judge yourself than to judge others. If you manage to give a fair trial to yourself, you are indeed a very wise person.”
  • maryandbookshas quoted3 years ago
    If someone loves the flower that exists in a single sample in millions of stars, it’s enough for him to look at stars and be happy. He can say to himself. “My flower is somewhere there…” But if a lamb eats the flower, all the stars will instantly fade. Do you think it’s not important?
  • Muqaddasoy G'ofurovahas quoted4 years ago
    It is very simple: you may see the truth only with your heart. Everything that is important can’t be seen.”
  • XIVhas quoted2 years ago
    “Everything that is important can’t be seen”
  • The girl between the booksheleveshas quoted3 years ago
    Adults will never get the point, and it’s too tiring for children to explain everything to them.
  • Анастасия Ткачеваhas quoted4 years ago
    but that doesn’t help much!”
  • b8495726797has quoted4 years ago
    But I was too young to know how I should love her
  • Muqaddasoy G'ofurovahas quoted4 years ago
    Words are the source of misunderstanding.
  • şəms.has quoted4 years ago
    “What do you do with five hundred thousand of stars?”

    “Five hundred million six hundred and twenty-two thousand seven hundred and one. I am busy with very important stuff. I am very accurate.”

    “What do you do with these stars?”

    “What do I do with them?”


    “Nothing. I possess them.”

    “Do you possess the stars?

    “I do.”

    “But I have met a king that…”

    “Kings don’t possess, they rein. It’s completely different”

    “Why are you possessing them?”

    “Due to them I am becoming richer.”

    “Why do you need to be rich?”

    “To buy more stars if they are discovered.”

    “In a way, this man is talking like my poor drunkard”, the Little Prince thought to himself.
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