Raimon Samsó

  • Elliehas quotedlast year
    Discipline is the reminder of what you want.
  • mashnicahas quotedlast year
    decision is an elimination of options
  • mashnicahas quotedlast year
    From mind to paper, from paper to reality
  • mashnicahas quotedlast year
    when you find something that resonates with you, get to the end of it, delve truly deeper, without staying outside of the boundaries of its science. I have used mental maps for decades, I fell in love at first sight, and it is a love that has never let me down. I owe them much
  • Fenny Palitushas quotedlast year
    Leaders are those that do what others are not willing to do, even though they may not like it. They have the discipline required to do what they know is important and right, instead of what is easy and fun.” Robin Sharma
  • Aisyah Amalinhas quoted10 months ago
    I believe that self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes
  • Shin Entienzahas quoted4 months ago
    Everything by devotion, nothing by obligation.
  • Руслана Долговесоваhas quotedlast year
    Being a "conscious coach" is much more powerful than being a "certified coach."
  • Руслана Долговесоваhas quotedlast year
    Coaches never know exactly how their coaching helps their clients succeed
  • Руслана Долговесоваhas quotedlast year
    Suggest that you work together so he can find the answers himself, or else refer him to someone who can help
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