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Ivan Turgenev

  • Michelle AMhas quoted2 years ago
    I was all hope and anticipation, was a little frightened of something, and full of wonder at everything, and was on the tiptoe of expectation
  • Eolhk Khas quoted5 months ago
    It seemed to me I had known her a long while and had never known anything nor lived at all till I met her… .
  • Eolhk Khas quoted5 months ago
    the sunshine, streaming in through the blind, shed a soft light over her fluffy golden curls, her innocent neck, her sloping shoulders, and tender untroubled bosom.
  • Eolhk Khas quoted5 months ago
    I would gladly, I felt, have kissed every fold of that dress and apron.
  • Eolhk Khas quoted5 months ago
    I could have bowed down in adoration to those shoes… .
  • Andreea Guruleahas quotedlast month
    I started, I was struck dumb… .
  • Narnaahas quotedlast year
    Nikolai Petrovitch too had left his bed, and, on going to visit Arkady, found him fully dressed; wherefore father and son proceeded to repair to the terrace, and there seated themselves under the shade of the awning.
  • Mr Memehas quotedlast year
    He wandered from place to place like a man possessed; he still went into society; he still retained the habits of a man of the world; he could boast of two or three fresh conquests; but he no longer expected anything much of himself or of others, and he undertook nothing.
  • Mr Memehas quotedlast year
    Where had it all vanished? She had been his wife, he had been happy as few on earth are happy. … “But,” he mused, “these sweet first moments, why could one not live an eternal, undying life in them?”
  • Mr Memehas quotedlast year
    “He has fallen asleep,” she answered, hardly audibly. Bazarov was not fated to awaken. Towards evening he sank into complete unconsciousness, and the following day he died.
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