Christine Duval

  • Dummyyyhas quoted2 years ago
    When she sees me she mouths, “
  • iamnarshiesamsurinhas quoted10 months ago
    Everyone warned me about Colman College. The workload is heavy. The professors don’t mess around.
  • iamnarshiesamsurinhas quoted10 months ago
    I take a deep breath as I chain my bicycle to a nearby rack.
  • Coren Cabatañahas quoted3 months ago
    I also have a positive pregnancy test –
  • Майя Борисоваhas quoted3 months ago
    She pushes the door open all the way, puts my chart on a side table, and then wheels a cart in holding what looks like a small computer monitor. I check my sheet to make sure I’m not flashing anyone in the hallway.
  • Майя Борисоваhas quoted3 months ago
    “We recommend first considering what you want to do. If you decide to continue with the pregnancy, then we can do another ultrasound. You can listen to the heartbeat. We’ll even print up a picture if you like. But first you need to decide.”
  • Майя Борисоваhas quoted3 months ago
    peer at the cup for a second, wondering if there is a way to refuse, but if I don’t take it, he might get suspicious. “Thanks.”
    He clinks it. “Bottoms up.” Then he takes a huge swig out of the pitcher he’s holding.
  • Dorothy Ecumoirehas quoted2 months ago
    I’m going to take off.”
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