Daren H. Russell


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You must have a business mindset
You must see affiliate marketing as a real business and for it to be successful, you must run it as such and that means having a business mindset. What does that mean? It means being prepared to invest money when needed, even if it is only a small amount – how much will depend on what your goals are and how big your marketing campaign is. Sometimes, you will need to invest in learning what to do next, how to take your business further and how to improve your system so it works. It is a business; run it that way and you have a much better chance of success.
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You must be prepared to take action
Knowing something is one thing but taking action on it and doing something about it is quite another; if you don’t take that action, your knowledge is useless and worthless. Too much time is spent on thinking and not enough on doing, do your thinking, get your ideas down on paper and then start putting action on them. Start doing or the money won’t come and nobody else is going to do it for you.
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Positivity is key
So many times you will hear it said that you must have a positive mindset but, believe me, you will never hear it enough. Positivity is what keeps you moving forward, it keeps you motivated and it keeps your energy levels up. With the successes in affiliate marketing, you also get the setbacks and that is when you need your motivation. For some people, the setbacks, the lack of results, is enough to knock them back straightaway but this is the very time when you need that positivity.
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