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Peter Hollins

  • wilhelminalili3has quotedlast year
    “So much to do, and not enough time to do it.”
  • Puspita Dewi Fortunahas quotedlast year
    A clean desk can help create a clear mind, and a clear mind is much more able to remain disciplined.
  • b9426779576has quoted2 years ago
    If your heart is not fit enough to run the length of it, then you will find yourself stopping halfway through and giving up before you reach the finish line.
  • Selam Eyasuhas quoted16 days ago
    “Time is the coin of your life.
  • Mohammed Dawudhas quoted21 days ago
    Your course of study is chosen for you.
  • arzuduranhas quotedlast year
    Here’s a riddle you may have heard before.
  • Isaiah Morrishas quoted8 months ago
    straw man argument.

    Here’s how it sounds:

    Argument: “This is why the gym should be closed.”
    Straw man: “So you’re saying you’re against health and for the obesity epidemic of this country?”
    You: “Well, that wasn’t really what I was saying…”

    This is Breann

  • Isaiah Morrishas quoted8 months ago
    An argument is put forth, and then that argument is refuted by the straw man, which actually isn’t
  • Isaiah Morrishas quoted8 months ago
    argument to health and obesity, where the first argument is only about the gym itself. Therefore, the straw man argument is when a false argument is created, yet treated as the same issue
  • Isaiah Morrishas quoted8 months ago
    They’re hard to catch, but people love to use straw man arguments when they feel like they have nothing legitimate on their side, so they have to make their arguments about the implications, or ripple effect, and not the argument itself.
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