National Centre for Cyberstalking Research

The National Centre for Cyberstalking Research (NCCR) was established to address the need for research and analysis of this increased threat to individuals and society. Cyberstalking has received a great deal of media attention with a spate of recent incidents reaching national and international levels. The growth of the problem is something that clearly governments, charities and the public are concerned about and has led to recent changes in legislation.

The increased public consciousness and media coverage of this issue has driven the need for systematic academic research into the prevalence, motivations, impacts and risk assessment which will lead to effective preventions of and responses to Cyberstalking. Currently research in this specialised area is still in its infancy. The National Centre for Cyberstalking Research aims to provide high quality research to help, understand and tackle the problem.

The Centre is interdisciplinary in nature and draws upon the expertise of a number of people working in different fields including technology, psychology, sociology and law. It aims to facilitate greater understanding by the bringing together of knowledge from this range of areas that and ensure steps made to reduce the prevalence of the problem and minimise the effects. The Centre is a collaborative partner with other academic institutions and engages with multi-agency groups in the criminal justice system.
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