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kravenhas quoted2 years ago
The past and present, I have come to realize, are in constant dialogue, acting upon one another in a kind of reciprocal pressure dance.
kravenhas quoted2 years ago
Some sexual assault victims may continue to date their assaulters in an effort to neutralize the trauma or regain some control over an event that left them powerless. In fact, many reach out to their attacker again specifically to try to regain power in the relationship. While others explain that they believed he may acknowledge what he did and apologize.
kravenhas quoted2 years ago
At one point I refer to myself as “completely oblivious to everything in the world, it seems.” It’s not just self-deprecation; it’s self-flagellation. I am thirty-three in this interview, not a sixteen-year-old actress, and I haven’t interacted with anyone, press or otherwise, in this flighty mode in a long time. I am, in interaction with him, no longer someone who makes their own films or has a voice. Somehow his very presence has taken who I have become away from me. To someone watching the interview, I would look happy to be there as well as deferential and almost obsequious. What I don’t look like is a woman being interviewed by a man who assaulted her.
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