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Lauren Deanhas quoted2 months ago
The Charlotte Observer, however, investigated the charge of racism and in a report published March 21, 1994, concluded that the facts didn’t support the racism charge. Among other findings, the breakdown by race of Black females for unsolved murders in 1993 found 35 percent unsolved, Black males, 22 percent unsolved, white females, 20 percent unsolved, and white males, 60 percent unsolved. Further statistics for unsolved rapes broken down by race in 1993 indicated Black females, 52 percent unsolved, white females, 54 percent unsolved. The newspaper concluded: “In the end the facts about this
Lauren Deanhas quoted2 months ago
case will speak for themselves. But those known so far don’t establish a pattern of racist neglect.”
Lauren Deanhas quoted2 months ago
February 4, 1994, Wallace was arrested for shoplifting from an area mall within walking distance of most of the murder sites
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